WhataApp launches search, insert GIF feature for Android phones; hikes share limit to 30


Each day thousands, if not millions, of GIFs do the rounds on all the popular social media websites and apps. Its like the age of GIFs has arrived. Infact, we even have started sharing our emotions and moods, on these social media sites in the form of GIFs. Thus, its importance cannot be overstated. That’s the reason why all social media platforms have been upping their features to enable users to upload and share as many and as varied GIFs as available. The recent to join the league is WhatsApp which has rolled out the search and insert GIF feature for Android phones. Let me tell you that this feature already exists for WhatsApp users on iOS.

WhatsApp has been on this GIF journey from August last year when it first rolled out the ability to convert videos and share them as GIFs. This was followed by allowing users to share GIFs saved on their devices. Going a step further, WhatsApp finally added the feature to search and insert GIF through GIPHY for iOS users. And now, the same feature has been released for Android phones. It has been a slow and gradual GIF journey for WhatsApp, but a hassle free one at that.

If you do not have a clue as to how to use the GIF function on WhatsApp, here’s our little and handful guide. Tap the emoji button in the text box and the GIF fucntion will show up in the keyboard. Infact, the new update brings the GIF option right next to the emoji button at the bottom bar. Once you spot it, search GIPHY for a keyword to find the appropriate animation for your current state or scroll through popular GIFs and insert them right away.

And for those popular users, who have lots and lots of contacts and like sharing everything with them, WhatsApp has raised the limit of the maximum number of media files that a user can share at once to 30 from 10.

Before you set out for the above mentioned steps to share a GIF, update WhatsApp app to 2.17.6 beta version. Confused? Leave the technicality. It just means that head to Google Play Store beta and start downloading it. Or you can have the APK directly from APK Mirror.

All these may be new to Android users, but iOS had it for quite some time now. But still in case you aren’t aware of it or missed it, you can follow these steps. Head to the ‘+’ icon situated on the top of the keyboard. Tap on Photos and Videos and then down below on the left corner you will notice a search icon next to GIF. Tap on it, you will be directed to a search bar for GIPHY. Here too search for a keyword to find the appropriate animation for your current state. And you are done.

So much news on GIFs and so many GIF pouring in. Did you ever get curious to know what does it exactly means. Here we have got you covered. GIF’s full form is Graphics Interchange Format. It is a bitmap image format developed by US-based software writer Steve Wilhite while working at the internet service provider CompuServe in 1987 and has since come into widespread usage on the World Wide Web. That was a little food for thought. Keep reading!