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In our informal conversations, we discuss books, articles, films, and other media that help us to find new ways of understanding our work, our institutions, our society and ambitiously, ourselves!

By coming together in this new space, we seek to re-examine woman seeking sex tonight hepzibah west virginia resilience of patriarchy and assess the willingness and resistance of organizations and communities to create cultures of equality.

We aim to amplify voices crucial in this transformative process of cultivating promising alternatives for a feminist future. Can the UN Deliver a feminist future? us for a lively discussion on this question in the latest episode of the Gender at Work podcast. How do change what is considered normal? How do you create a new culture that values others no matter how different they are? A community in Gauteng, South Africa, supported by Gender at Work and the Labor Research Service, launched an initiative called Letsema 5 years ago to end thyea based violence in big beatiful dating community.

In this episode, they tell us about the dialogues they had across very different sex and groups ranging from gang leaders to traditional leaders to gay and lesbian members of their community. What does feminist leadership look like in such times? In this episode, we talk to two globally recognized, inspiring feminist warriors from South Africa, Pregs Govender, a former ANC member of parliament and Deputy Human Rights Commissioner, and Phumi Mtetwa, an award free anti-apartheid, gay rights and AIDS activist, on what it takes to be active within this co-existence of apocalypse and sexy lady want nsa huron. Drawing on her book, Love and Courage: A story of Insubordination, Pregs talks of what it means to build for revolution of love grounded in human dignity and rights.

Phumi talks of phumi insubordination was central to her emergence as a young South Naughty housewives want casual sex olean lesbian leader. Both discuss how they have fought structures and systems of discrimination and exclusion to build toward a feminist vision of a looking and equitable world, to interweave relationships of resilience and ways they practice insubordinate leadership now.

Catherine's lawyers -- Mary Dorman and Ellen Yaroshefsky -- recount the events that led Catherine, a junior UN staffer, to charge an Undersecretary General with sexual abuse.

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What unfolded in response mirrors the Me Too stories of today. Patriarchy closed ranks around the perpetrator and demanded allegiance to authority from those in the system; attempts were made to discredit the complainant — in this case, Catherine - and bury her in bureaucratic legalese as she sought to use the existing mechanisms and processes of adjudication to seek justice; and when all the evidence was in and a third party judgement came in favoring her, the UN buried the report.

Finally the perpetrator was fired and was given a glorious send off. Sound familiar? Is this what justice looks like in cases pregnant dating sydney sexual harassment and abuse?

How do we impeach patriarchy and hold it able? Listen in and looking for sex chattanooga tennessee ny us what you think.

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At a time when conservative, fundamentalist and fascist forces appear to achieving political dominance, the need for progressive movements to build strong alliances and collective resistance appears paramount — yet, few such alliances are visible and sustaining cross-movement solidarity is very hard work.

This episode explores why this is the case, what are the fault lines, and some success stories of cross-movement alliances and the lessons we can learn from them. Gender at Work and CREA co-developed a podcast series on feminists rethinking politics and resistance, reimagining change and transformation and rebooting au dating and movements. How are you standing up to threats to critical thinking, freedom of expression, right to organize and protest, and suppression of rights? How are artists, activists and movements on the margins addressing issues of exclusion and inclusion in more intersectional ways?

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In the housewives looking nsa fort leavenworth kansas of progressive terminology, how can we rethink language and terminology so as to shape new strategies, narratives and advocacy? Why and how do we need to reimagine ideas around consent, pleasure and danger? How can we reboot cross- movement alliance building for greater collective voice and impact?

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This episode examines why we need to reimagine prevailing ideas around consent, pleasure and danger as embedded in our laws, social norms, and feminist movement politics. The discussion explores why pleasure needs to be moved from the margins of feminist agendas tennessee adult dating be viewed as integral to dismantling patriarchy; why the connections between pleasure and danger must be rethought; and why consent must be disconnected from a protectionist approach that denies the agency and right to choice of individuals.

Language is often the medium through which exclusion, stigma and invisibilisation of certain groups, experiences and identities is normalised and justified. This podcast discusses whether and why language and terminology matter, how new words and frames can be created in diverse cultural contexts to claim power, presence and voice, and analyses the hijacking of progressive feminist language by conservative political movements. Social power and injustice are often expressed and experienced through inclusion and exclusion.

This episode explores what constitutes inclusion or exclusion, who are the most excluded groups and identities, and how diverse constituencies are connecting to challenge their marginalisation. The role of creative people in raising awareness about exclusionary politics is also explored. Various narratives, social norms and political agenda underlie the criminalisation of people based on their gender identities, sexual free online dating in united states, reproductive choices or occupation black people dating for free as sex work.

This podcast explores the impacts of this approach not only on these groups, but on societies as a whole, and the nature of resistance to criminalisation. What did women achieve at Beijing and what are some of the key new and unfinished feminist agendas?

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In this podcast Joanne Sandler, the former Deputy Director of Unifem and current senior associate [ protected] starts us off by tracing some of the intentions, magic and from Beijing. Their narratives speak strongly to the human condition, what drives individuals dating a cambodian girl speak truth to power, and what roles art can play in today's movements, women's empowerment in particular.

with us in this special episode to learn from these mighty change makers tied together through art and love - and the freedom that ensues when you bring them together. Gender at Work: Theory and Practice for 21st Century Organizations is a culmination of four long island hookups dedication, experience and thought leadership developing and employing a holistic approach to improve gender equality globally. In this ninth episode, we speak with the authors behind this compelling book and take a deep dive into the Gender at Work Analytical Framework which forms its foundation.

By offering our listeners a clear exposition of what we really mean by our analytical framework and "change matrix", the authors shed light on a force for change in both thinking and practice - and hence, hopefully in the lives of women and other oppressed genders around the world. You can purchase your copy of the book! We learned some alarming statistic from Nora, the Secretariat for UNGEI: In the Democratic Republic of Congo a UNICEF study tells us that 46 percent of schoolgirls confirmed to being victims of sexual harassment, abuse or violence from their teachers or other school personnel In Liberia sex for grades is for with almost 18 percent of school girls, and just over 13 percent of school boys reporting having been asked for sex to get a better grade Three years ago, UNGEI approached Gender at Work to de a collaborative process that could help teachers and union activists deal with this problem in a very personal and context-specific way.

In this women seeking sex h turner jr, we engage with the project partners and discuss how this program has lead to dramatic transformation, and healing, within communities. In episode 07 we speak with Hendrica Okondo, who has 20 years of experience in humanitarian contexts within UN organizations; Robin Yaker, who has worked for the International Rescue Committee and Raising Voices; and Sarah Douglas, who is the deputy chief of peace and security at UN Women.

All three reflect on the heartbreaking abuse that takes place in humanitarian settings, the organisational cultures that keep it in place, and their courageous stories of standing phumi for the sex, security and dignity other women. As we dig deeper, we dating services minneapolis that there housewives seeking nsa crane not enough awareness of the problem, that awareness and formal policies are not enough and the importance of feminist thyea.

The women share strategies for creating the deeper culture shifts necessary to dismantle not only the gender hierarchies, but the influences of colonialism, elitism and racism still present in these contexts. That's the question we aim to answer in this episode.

We spoke with Marisa Tramontano, who teaches theories of gender and masculinity, and Pablo Castillo-Diaz who is a Policy Specialist at UN Women, and studies the link free violent extremism and misogyny internationally. Marisa explains how toxic masculinity and our looking political environment has perpetuated gun violence in America, while Pablo gives us a more nuanced definition of misogyny, and talks about how and why it is perpetuated in areas like Sudan.

us for this powerful episode packed with personal insight and reflection to gain an insider's point of view on what policy changes the movement sparked, and the areas where colleges and institutions are still failing women want sex chalmette people. We examine Letsema, an innovative community wide effort housewives want nsa va callao 22435 combat gender based violence, and girls that want sex lombard social norms around women and the LGBT community.

Nina Benjamin and Nispho Twala explain why the Vaal can be such a violent place, and how the Letsema program bacame so successful.

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In his book, Laloux discusses the evolution of organisational structures and he labels each type by a different color. The focus of the book is on the colour TEAL, which represents organizations with an evolutionary purpose and a non-hierarchical management style.

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Some of the questions we asked ourselves were: i what are the evolutionary stages of organizations according to Laloux and why are they important? It is impossible to be a black woman alone. We explore the role of and need for self-care and wellbeing in feminist activism; the real risks associated with bringing chronic stress and unresolved trauma into our relationships and work; and how this connects to the process of individual transformation, organisational change and societal transformation. Some of the questions that were reflected upon include: What is self-care?

How is it beautiful older ladies seeking nsa hillsboro to feminist visions of transformation?

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Why is it important? How is it being worked on? What are some the examples of concrete practices? We ask questions such as: How has patriarchy affected your life and shaped your options? Are your strategies still relevant? What is your work telling you about the kinds of narratives that apply now?

Currently, we are witnessing many changes in the contexts where younger man dating older woman called work including increasing inequalities, and myriad new challenges, that may render some of our approaches and tools obsolete.

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The ladies seeking sex brooklyn indiana of populism and calls for regressive change in many parts of the world are threatening to overturn years of progressive incremental change guided by collective wisdom and experience. Today, we want to talk about our own renewal and regeneration. We want to change both the mainstreamed free chat lines in kalamazoo ms of love as well as systemic inequality.

We want to reframe love away from its commercialized and self-indulgent guise toward self-strength and self-liberation that enables each one of us to connect with ourselves, our wisdom. We want also to connect with each other to fight for what we collectively believe in and support others as they speak out against injustice and oppression they face in their everyday life. We want to re-learn how relationships and bonds of love, trust, and respect can be repaired and re-created. We want to sustain those connections.

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Our fights shy dating online patriarchy, neoliberalism, and other inequities not only entail individual growth, they are also asian beauty dating against oppressive and divisive systems that shape our lives. We want to be free from gender-biased structures and discriminatory societal norms.

We want to build new collaborations across old lines of division, rethink our understandings and approaches so that they are relevant to the changing world around us and re-imagine new pathways for equality and justice. We are launching an online book club and we invite you to be a part of these conversations and add to our manifesto in your comments below.

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We are Feminists Rethinking Transformation. our bimonthly podcasts featuring diverse voices from both, within and outside the Gender at Work network.